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Lotto - lottery that allows you to become a millionaire! There are a huge number of world lotteries, so you can win a huge sum. In the U.S., lotteries are popular and Ball Power Mega Millions, while in Europe the popularity of fight records SuperEnalotto and EuroMillions. In these lotteries can now play all over the internet.


Powerball is an American lottery that allows you to be a millionaire! It is managed by the International Association of Lotto (MUSL). The Powerball lottery rules are very simple. You have to hit all the drawn numbers. If you will be all numbers wins the jackpot a major accumulation. If some people will go all the numbers, the main prize is shared by all the people. $ 20 million - enough amounts to the minimum amount (jackpot), you can win the Powerball. Every accumulation, if not win, be increased by $ 5,000,000 U.S.. Winning is paid in installments for a period of 29 years.

How to play the Powerball:
Please select 5 numbers from 1 to 69 plus one number from 1 to 26 This additional number is the Powerball. Numbers 1 to 69 are white crutches, while the numbers from 1 to 26 are the red balls. Powerball lottery are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The place draws a Powerball MUSL in West Des Moines, Iowa. Powerball lottery Time: 22:59 U.S. Eastern time, while in the central U.S. to 21:59. The highest accumulation was at 18/02/2006 Powerball. 365 000 was $ 000 million, it was divided among eight players.


2021-07-24:   01-04-11-59-67 (PB10)
Next jackpot: $186,000,000
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This SuperEnalotto Wingame popular throughout Europe, coming from Italy. In SuperEnalotto winnings are gigantic, one of the largest in the world. This is also because players can play SuperEnalotto on the Internet. The first draw took place SuperEnalotto 3 XII 1997 year. Lucky lottery numbers are 3 times a week at 20:20 local time - every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Wins in SuperEnalotto are gigantic. The biggest of these is EUR 147,807,299.08. This large sum was to win 22 August 2009 year. As many as 1,300,000 euros primary jackpot is the first step! To this amount is aggregated win. Currently there are no restrictions as to the amount of cumulative SuperEnalotto.

During the lottery is drawn SuperEnalotto 6 of 90 numbers. To get six players have hit six figures with 90 random numbers. It is very unlikely for a hit six figures, because it is 1 to 622,614,630. Probability of hitting 5 numbers is 1 in 1,235,346, 4 numbers 1 to 11,907, while the probability of hitting three figures in SuperEnalotto is 1 to 327th Probability of winning six in SuperEnalotto is very small, but thanks to very large accumulation. Slip on the lucky numbers can be purchased directly through the Internet. To do this you must register an account on the website that deals with betting SuperEnalotto. Once registered, you can choose 6 numbers from 90th You can choose how to apply to sweepstakes companies, and select the date draws the selected numbers. As a business in SuperEnalotto of the Internet, you can pay directly by credit card over the Internet.


2021-07-27:   01-06-24-36-82-83
Next jackpot: €59,800,000
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Mega Millions

Mega Millions is an American lottery was created in 2008, where the minimum prize pool to win is as many as 12 million U.S. dollars ($ 12 million.).

The rule in the Mega Millions game is a hit five numbers from 1 to 75 and hit one additional number from 1 to 15 Numbers 1 to 75 are white balls, the numbers from 1 to 15 of the golden balls. Each drawn number from 1 to 75 is called the Mega Ball. Hitting all those numbers wins the jackpot in Mega Millions, and it is at least $ 12 million.

Home win in the Mega Millions (jackpot) is paid for 26 years, each year an installment.

Mega Millions lottery in the fall every Tuesday and every Friday in the WSB-TV at 23:00 Eastern Time in the U.S.. Drawings are held in Atlanta. Are run by Glenn Burns.

The biggest prize in Mega Millions 10/16/2009 fallen. It was $ 200 million (200 million U.S. dollars (about 137 million euros).

Chance of winning the jackpot (5 +1) is 1 in 175,711,536. Chance hit 5 numbers (white balls) is 1 to 3,904,701. Profit is then $ 250,000. Chance hit four white balls and gold (4 +1) is a d0 689.065, hitting four white balls and a gold (4 +1) win $ 10,000. $ 150 to win the person who hit four white balls (4 +0) or 3 white balls and one gold (3 +1). The odds of hitting four white balls are 1 to 15.313, while hitting a 3 to 1 to 13.781. Hitting three white balls (3 0) win $ 7, and the chance it is 1 through 36 1 to 844 - is as much chance of hitting two white balls and the gold ball, then wins $ 10 If we find one white and gold ball, then you win $ 3, and the chance to hit this combination amounts to as much as the 141st The smallest prize in the Mega Millions is $ 2, it can win the golden ball hitting, and only the probability of hitting a gold ball is 1 to 75

Mega Millions

2021-07-27:   02-35-36-54-64 (MM 11)
Next jackpot: $34,000,000
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Euro Millions (Euro Lotto)

Euro Millions lottery is the most popular in Europe. Countries where you can play Euro Millions are: Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Euro Millions held in Spain by the lotto Loterias y Aquestas des Estad, in the UK by Camelot, and in France by the Francaise des Jeux lotto. By the projected increase in the number of countries in the European Union it is possible to increase the country where you can play the Euro Millions.

The first game of Euro Millions draw was held in Paris 13.02.2004. Lottery numbers in the Euro Millions game are held on Fridays at 21:25 in Paris. The game consists in the fact that there are 5 numbers drawn from 50 numbers. In addition, there are two numbers randomly from 1 to 9 Stresa is a machine that contains 50 balls, while the machine is Paquerette nine bullets.

In order to win the main accumulation must hit all the numbers. Initially, aggregation is as high as 15 million. Euro. Jackpot at Euro Millions is up to 126 000 Euro 000 million. The player won the huge sum in May 2009 in Spain. The probability of winning in the main Euro Millions is

How to play Euro Millions? The Euro Millions can be played in a very simple way on the Internet. Simply register your account on its website, which gives us the ability to send plants to the Euro Millions, management wins. Probability of winning of any amount in Euro Millions is 1:24, so it is very large. Probability of winning the main prize in the Euro Millions is 1:76000000000 (1 to 76 million). All winning Euro Millions are free from tax.

Euro Millions

2021-07-27:   05-09-19-21-25 (10-12)
Next jackpot: €62,000,000
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